Site overhall

About 20 years ago Microsoft bought an application called FrontPage and released it under the Microsoft name. I looked at it, and decided to try building my first website.  FrontPage was quirky, and I didn’t know anything about HTML, but it got me started.

new website imageA few years ago I went through a phase of wanting to code everything by hand, in an effort to get comfortable with HTML5 and CSS3 and javascript.  That of course got old quickly – especially since the state of products like WordPress and Drupal have become so good.

Until this morning the vciMobile site was still from those hand-coding days.  It was a nice looking site, by the standards of the time, but was starting to look dated, so I decided to redo it.  The new site is based in WordPress, so that updates can be done easily by others as well as by me, and because I want to incorporate blogging to add timeliness, rather than updating the site itself.

Most importantly I was motivated to make the change now in order to have it ready for the Restaurant App Promotion that you’ll see featured on the first page, and inside the site.

To paraphrase an off-broadway playwright I heard years ago, this site is a work in progress, and I’m still ironing the kinks in… Please let me know what you think…