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Feature-rich Mobile

We will build you apps with a variety of useful features. Not just mobile ordering and a list of your offerings. Features that keep your app in frequent use, and keep your brand in your customer’s mind.

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Content Portal

We empower you to keep your apps fresh and dynamic through your private content portal. Text, images, push notifications, pricing, menu changes, specials, etc. – can all be managed without additional cost.

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Location awareness empowers in-device services like point-to-point directions and local mapping. Want to send a message only to customers who are at an event – your location-aware portal can handle it.

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Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is not just the content you provide through the Content Portal. Let’s find and integrate useful content that makes your app timely and useful for your customers everyday, without adding to your workload.

The SoRo app is hands-down the most cost-effective ad platform available for local businesses and organizations in the SoRo neighborhood of LA. Use the SoRo app to inform customers, draw customers and retain customers withfeatures that no other form of advertising can offer.

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