November 27, 2016


More Profits Per Sale!  More Customer Loyalty! More Sales!

If you are marketing through GrubHub, Seamless, Eat24, BlueApron, UberEats, Amazon Restaurants, or other menu / delivery / directory service, then you need to read this page, and give your profits a boost.

To put it simply, the companies named above take care of their bottom line, at the cost of your bottom line. You are losing business and giving away profits. But they dominate the market, so what can you do?

We offer an alternative. With that in mind, you may want to hear the bad news about those services from other sources.  Here just are a few:

  • The Tribeca Citizen.  This article focuses mainly on the high commissions and fees taken. Did you know that paying less than 20% per order is a virtual guarantee of lost business!  Did you know that every incoming phone call generates a fee?
  •  GrubHub and Seamless and similar services take a whopping average commission of 13.5%!
  •  Amazon and UberEats charge way more than even GrubHub and Seamless!
  • Hollywood Reporter.  In the wake of a post-election scandal, and right after dumping his own stock, the CEO of GrubHub angered a huge percent of US voters.  Whether you agree or disagree with them, do you really want to give up half your customers?

As a business owner, what offends me most about these menu / directory services is that they actively promote your competitors to your customers! You know how it works. The customer is looking for your restaurant. They search your zip code, or your street, or even your restaurant name, and they get a list of competitors to choose from – and unless you are paying top commissions, there is a good chance your restaurant isn’t even on the list the customer sees! That’s what 13.5% on sales gets you!

Then the CEO of GrubHub/Seamless made national news after the Presidential election – angering at least half of the US population. Your business thrives on NOT driving away customers on the basis of their politics, so the time for finding a mobile alternative for GrubHub/Seamless is now!

So right now we are offering special app pricing for Restaurants.  Through April 30, 2017 we will develop a dedicated app (which is really 3 apps!), packed with features specific to your Restaurant, and give you content control through a private portal — for a price that guarantees you a profit. Here’s what the special includes:

  • native Apple app for iPhones, distributed through Apple’s iTunes
  • native Apple app for iPads, distributed through iTunes
  • native Android app for phones and tablets, distributed through Google Play
  • comprehensive mobile ordering (items, options, sides, add-ons, customer requests and preferences, etc.)
  • code snippet that can be easily added to your website or social media page to allow ordering on that site – convert even a  simple website to a full order-generating powerhouse
  • one-click calling
  • one-click GPS point-to-point directions
  • optional in-app loyalty programs
  • useful local information
  • push notification broadcasting
  • geo-targeted push notifications
  • dynamic blog link
  • image gallery
  • link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yelp
  • image gallery
  • custom local points of interest map

And the most important feature – unlimited access to our exclusive online portal where you can manage most of the text and images in the apps, and pricing and text for everything on your menu.  The portal gives you the power of push notifications and location-defined push notifications.

We don’t charge any fees for making sales or receiving phone calls – which means that more $$$ ends up in your ledger.  Sales and calls are yours – not ours!

For this limited time we’ve reduced our new app development fee (normally $2,999) to just $1,499. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get started with an email or phone call.
  2. We’ll introduce you to one of our a live apps.
  3. We’ll discuss how an app can fit into your operation.
  4. We’ll get started building your custom app (deposit required).
  5. Within a few days we’ll have a draft app and portal framework available.
  6. We’ll schedule a conference call to go through the portal and app framework together, to discuss images and graphics to be used in the app, and to discuss the details of implementation and sales fulfillment.
  7. Upon your approval of the app functionality we’ll proceed to complete ‘Release 1’ of your app – which will be submitted to the app stores upon your approval and receipt of full payment.
  8. Reduced monthly maintenance for your portal and mobile/web ordering engine. Normally $59 per month, your fee is reduced to $39 per month, and locked against inflation for 4 years.

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